A Few of Our Favorite Things: Baby Edition

Most babies don’t need much in the way of actual toys and will do just fine with some wooden spoons or bowls but here are some of my favorites.

I love toys that are both aesthetically pleasing, are open ended and promote development in a number of different areas.  These two toys from Grimm’s are small enough for little hands but will last long beyond infancy.  They would be a great addition to any nursery and you should expect them to be played with into the preschool years.

Grimm’s Small Wooden Stacking & Nesting Rainbow Bowls

Grimm’s Small Rainbow

This toy was purchased at a time when my Littlest boy was going through a tough period with colic.  For what was actually a short time, but seemed like an eternity, if the poor little guy was awake, he was screaming.  There was not much that got him to stop other then sound.  He loved the sound machine but once we brought this home it was the go-to for distraction.  The B. A-Maze Rain Rush makes some really interesting rain like sounds, it is loud enough to distract a baby who is crying (or screaming), and each time you turn it over the marbles run for a good length of time.  It can be laid on the floor and rolled around by baby as well.

We didn’t have the Plan Toys Activity Baby Gym but a similar one from IKEA.  I really like the simplicity that both of these baby gym’s offer.  They are not brightly colored or overwhelming.  Having neutral colors and only a few items makes it easier for baby to focus on one thing without have a sensory overload.

We also did not have the Plan Toys Van Walker but I am listing it because as soon as I saw this new product I wished we had a non-walker in the house.  I know both my boys would have loved this for their walking toy.  The handle in front is great for pushing when they are still on their knees and the big bucket in front would be really fun for collecting toys and other things as they walk around.

Plan Toy Stacking Ring is a classic always a great addition to any nursery.

Having a basket of sensory balls is great for baby to explore texture and sound.  These are just a couple that I recommend.  I also like wool dryer balls for a different texture.

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

Edushape Sensory Ball

Below are just a few of my favorite baby clutching and teething toys.  There are so many great ones out there from Plan Toys, Haba, Green Toys that are all safe and fun.

PlanToys Roller


Haba Magica Clutching toy


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