Surreal is the word that I’ve been using to describe my life these past few weeks.  My 5 year old son started kindergarten this school year.  My world is upside down once again at the start of another September.  I always imagined myself with children, but they were always babies and toddlers in the pictures in my imagination.  Now, I have a child who gets on the bus every morning and returns six hours later with homework.  I knew it was coming but somehow it still managed to sneak up on me.  I checked off the items on the supply list but I felt like I was watching someone else head into Staples, not that I was actually buying folders and marble notebooks.  I’m proud of myself that I didn’t have a panic attack on the first day, in fact I actually didn’t even cry when the bus drove off with him (with no kind of restraint whatsoever, just freely moving about in his seat!!!).

I did have champagne though.  And I had my mother and my husband, thank goodness.  I probably would have crumbled without them.

We are now getting into our new and structured routine which I find both irritating and comforting all at the same time.  I’m feeling inspired and tired, motivated and sad (missing my little big boy and the freedom of summer).  I really just want the feeling of surreal-ness to go away at this point and I think I will be able to focus a little better.  My husband is back to work, there’s a minute or two of coolness in the air every so often and there was a full display various types of squash at Trader Joe’s today so this all must mean that things are getting underway in the school calendar.

Hopefully life will start to seem real again, soon.

So, one really good thing that is resulting from full day kindergarten is that I feel like I might be able to focus a bit on blogging again.  I’ve been utilizing Instagram to document the adventures with my boys but many followers ask questions and I often want to expand on my reasonings and share more photos of our process.  I will answer those questions to the best of my ability and share how we incorporate nature, mindfulness, the Reggio Emilia approach, etc. into our home and life.

Thank you for following along!


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