Pouring fun, outside!

  Pouring is always a fun activity for little people and this pitcher is perfect for little hands.  I grabbed some glasses, bowls and washcloths, of course, and filled the pitcher with water.
  Since it was such a beautiful day we brought our pouring supplies outside but this is also an easy way to keep the activity low maintenance as spills do not need to be cleaned up immediately or as efficiently as they do indoors.   
  Oops!  First spill, cleaned up.
  “This one a little too fill up.”  It’s good for little ones to test just how far they can pour before over flowing or to figure out an appropriate water level to prevent spillage when trying to drink.  Making mistakes and pouring too much in a fun activity like this, will help them when it’s time to pour a drink at the dinner table.
  Of course, we sampled the water in each glass and had to ‘cheers’ each time. We cleaned up our pouring materials and proceeded to collect some leaves.  After a few minutes I noticed this sweet guy was laying out some yellow leaves with great precision and then he set up the pitcher and two glasses and invited me over for a drink. ❤

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